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„It's definement that shall define you. Never the opposite.“ The last tone is played, but the music has just begun. The tunes being our songs, the music... our lives. It has followed us through the years, all the ideas, the emotions, the always present intent to be, first of all, honest to ourselves and to every experience teaching us a most crucial thing... to see beauty in all things and to cherish it with all the love we could muster. Finally, it has caught up with us. It's birthname is „Definement“. Its parents are called „Aesthetic Empathy“. So in the end, there won't be any fancy statements except for the music that is embodying everything we have to say in a most natural way : through emotions. We are here. We are defined. As a band. As friends. As human beings.


released January 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Aesthetic Empathy

Aesthetic Empathy are a six-piece metalcore / alternative metal band formed in 2001 as one of the few new breed of metal bands on the regional metal scene. Our line-up includes two different style vocalists who create a unique atmosphere, making our sound very recognizable. ... more

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Track Name: A Lepering Domain
In lifetime embedded
My time is stolen away
This story is wicked
Grown in delusion of a madman's dream of peace

Hear me
Well, this time our own path is found and lost

Crouching the walls of a life I've been part of
Pointlessly rising for the one last shiver that will cover the grave
There's no mind
Nothing, nothing to guide the way to escape a lepering domain

Look at what we are
What we have never been
Look just what we are
What we hold up high
One for intolerance
One for the greed to flow
A roaming wonder

This light I've been given will not die in my hands
The legacy of savage tribes will not kill what's left inside me
Will not hold my lifetime

Once a paradise in the arms of the weak
I see now polluted with the hands of freaks
But where I should see compelling and compassionate frames
I've only managed to grasp the hidden snake beneath

Let me out to find my way
There is no saving here
Let me out to find my way
There is no justice here

Beyond past
Beyond lies
In my light
I will rise
Track Name: Bonfire of Dreams
With the capacity that's left
For a blink it turns into a monument
To represent all the strength of a mortal morphology
Left on a cross-plane
It shapes every end of a soul that's encouraged
To mend what is broken

A wonder in the realm of all the worthless
Aproved by the hearts and the conscience of the few
The gleam of all candles in the night
The dream of our souls that shine like they are new
Untainted meadows in the land of blight

In our eyes dark winds blow
Just one last step and I'll take no more
But in our hearts the restless glow
The will of men to walk without a hope

Therein lie possibilities of men
Nothing to constrain your own freedom
Therein lie the mechanics of will
Nothing to constrain your own freedom

To embrace uncertainties of a game as a test for your determinant
To resume to the order of a shell
Like sleep after a long walk through chaos
We breathe in shreds of apathy
But to a new world we're destined to be singing

In our eyes dark winds blow
Just one last step and I'll take no more
But in our hearts the restless glow
The will of men to walk without a hope

But with dreams, resolve and patience
I shall see change with the work of my hands
For I shall still breathe when the chains of my dreams
Fade away eventually
Track Name: Darkened is the Essence
Was there ever an incarnate that has not yearned for a change?
Was there an eye open or do we meet the standards?
Have you ever faced clear all the dreams in your hands?
Have you ever asked questions about the hands that feed you?

(To see If we cannot radically bring about a transformation of the mind
Not accept things as they are
But to understand it, to go into it, to examine it
Give you heart and your mind with everything that you have to find out
A way of living differently
But that depends on you and not somebody else)

Layers, fill our truth in layers for the martyrs to come
Mankind assumed their lifes of being shepherds
For the less evolved on the curiosity path

Deny the referent laws
Obey to apstractions so you could know
That we're still close to nothing
On our way to nothing

As we're waiting for our youth
Alone and afraid
All dreams stay untold
Respect the future as unknown
As we're waiting for our youth
Defined but deranged
All dreams stay untold
With all our mentors gone

(There's no leader, there's no master, no saviour
You yourself are the teacher and the pupil
You are the master, you are the guru, you are the leader
You are everything)

We have our own liberty to abhore the paradox standing
In front of our creativity
In the core of our rights

Make us
Grasp our freedom?
Make a perfect image!
Long for the strings placed upon your will
And a new start falling into your purpose
Make it strong enough
Engage in a game stating us the same
As examples for the newborn shouting „why?“
Deny the referent laws
Obey to apstractions so you could know
That still distance means darkness
All the way to darkness

Progression with no meaning
When the time is up!

Prepare your lessons
All what's learned but never believed
When the outer planes always show the difference
Of the true essence of existence
Track Name: Dualism
I remember beauty and a world of worthy
Goals that meant all you are
I remember sunrays so honest on my face
And all the love in my arms

Smiles, I kept them with me
The trust in all the good of this world
Friends, they walk within me
Old man, look at what you've lost

I shall deny you
With a piece of love
I shall deny you
With a piece of hope
I shall deny you
With honesty on my face
I shall deny you
With truth tagged on my name
I shall deny you
With care burned on my hands
I shall deny you
With sympathy in my eyes
I shall deny you

For the open arms I stay
I will remain against the fear to trust in the memory
Of hands spread to embrace my whole being with warmth

For a world of mine I will stay denying
All that you are
For a life of trying I will teach denying
Of all that you are

Old Cynic:
I remember rain with all the shame
And mocking laughter at me
I remember betrayal and all the sails
Burned on mantrusting seas

I shall deny you
With a piece of flesh
I shall deny you
With a piece of hate
I shall deny you
With lies told to my face
I shall deny you
With contempt on my name
I shall deny you
With lust burned on their hands
I shall deny you
With apathy in their eyes
I shall deny you

I'm a tired man of moving mountains
So a child could pretend that all is well
I'm a tired man of taking judgement
For the trust of a child's imagination

I seek loss of memory of men and their humble ways
For the broken arms I stay 'till the end of days

Be silent
Both of you know nothing
I'm here to teach peace between you two
I need you both so I could seek perfection
I need you both so I could feel complete
Track Name: The Innocent
Follow their guiding light

The hub of the wheel
What a cancer upon the rightness line
Within the cycle of birth will they join the path of the wicked
With this little try I will light up the tower
To grief upon this star
Thus enchanted with the sun it contemplates
Through the mist and the scars
To redeem their innocence

For they learned to remind
(When the worlds fall face down)
All the blind
(When the worlds fall face down)
Of the colors
(When the words throw their gown)
All the lies
(When the words throw their gown)
Of the truth

For it shines pure
Monumenting the steps of the little one
With the altruism of a God they will learn

With the source finally revealed to their conscience
They will be freed from the hypocrisy of a failing course
As knowledge in their hands realigns
Lead them to the sun into forever
Lead them shining star to the end

Stand still with the judgement before your feet
Hold the torch to assign immortality
Armed with the empathy recollect the souls alike your own
You will succeed without the lord of mercy
Track Name: Halfmoon and Silence
One morning leave behind all that we know
Reflecting all leafs falling away from a tree martyrised
When despair is still unable to hold our hands as we were hers
Randomed and thrown by wills of someone elses wisdom

We'll be watching and waiting for the years to mend all wounds we spent to roam
I'll be choosing and giving for the eminence of a tear marking your name
I've let them bear, Redeemer
The rest of a childhood shade
They're save lying within you, they're made lying within you

I hope
You'll share even hopeless, hold
When I fall stay tied
In grip with a shade you will fly
Tell me a fairy tale when the reasons die

Made of Silence
The halfmoon now smiles and sings along
To dance through endless nights with me

Well'be humming and shaping all the words to curse all the worlds
I'll be choosing and giving for the eminence of our dreams waiting to flame
I've let them bear, Redeemer
The rest of a childhood shade
They're save lying within you, they're made lying within you

When time stands and somewhere winds breeze through nights
And stars shine bright
Then I'll promise you a handful of love
In your eyes the halfmoon now smiles
Track Name: Transcendental Skill
Such burdens are heavy as stone
A grip makes cold the air
A momentum of the worlds to hold
What makes sure gold is there?

Forever in the flow
A moment to inhale
A piece of unique warmth
What makes sure peace is there?

Or leaving?
A sweetness so deceiving

So it holds me back
It's so natural
Rip off the gift and live in peace
It stabs me in the back
It's commonsense to all
Give up your youth but grow with ease

I'm spinning again around the edge
I'm spinning again around the edge

A remarking instinct
Cursing the strength of knowledge in me
A mocking skill
The ignorance is bliss for the tired in me
Deviant needs to grasp
No thoughts. No faith. No answers. No questions.
Remind me to
Just give up the throne of madness

I bend with shoulders sore
Reasons eat its flowers grown
Faith bends before reason
A Harmony like never before

I revoke this middle way
(Define me)
It's definement that still defines you
Never the opposite
There is never reason enough but you
(Define me)
To choose right

Here comes the groveling wind of encouragment
Such a strong embodyment of a way
Purpose, so close to have
Knowledge, in a blink to have
But reason with the morning left
My faith laughs within the doubts to break

It should be easy
To understand this world
Track Name: Echoes of Faith
This grudge will lend us the grief we miss since the day the world moved on
I've seen the darkness but more I fear the emptyness we call our own

Is this faith restored or blinded to calm?
The pillars of balance that shape rightess and rightfull its cause
To hold on

We are still passengers
Still pawns in an endless game
To the tyranouss star we'll cry to see redemption

Life is kept too leashed and I will pray

For answers, for solemn meanings that justify
These question, reasons we found and lost at once
Trust or deceive when my body is reshaped again
To eternal and cold

This quest, silence is greeted with
Its echoes yelling denial
In times they called His name
Bearers of fire have changed
Every light that brightens our day
Was food for our hearts

How many times do we alterate
The meaning of faith
The grudging belief
So we could understand

Are we what you change in your appendix?
All the things burned and percieved
Will we seek when the depths will cover us?
When all just blurs to nothing?
It would be easy to bear when we would bear
What we truly are

Lead my eyes to eternal accept
All the things just to be
Track Name: Feed the Ignorance
One step at your cowardice source
My eyes are shut
Reflect but never exist
Stand still, a ray of silence
Wash away the obligations fed by a long starved guidance
In your cries I still hear the depth of knowing
To obey weights the same as a free willed choice

I hold no grief for a world
That fakes its smile to the burdens it holds

I know what I found and it's spiritless
All ages are pure at dawn for sure
So hidden from eyes deep in the emptyness
Enough for human hands to hold

Well seen through all visions
So bright is their wretched sore
Free-market pigs in motion
So long are the shadows where they cover

Tainted were all blessings, indeed
So you feel tempted by the lack of passion and the calm revieled
In your ethics I still see a distant mourning
That decisions are reflected by all the choices foreseen

I hold no grief for a world
That fakes its smile to the burdens it holds

Lay down on the purest ground still your hearts and hands are filth
Look down you self claimed preachers
There's my loss but where's your beauty?
There are no secrets to find
I pray to no darkness nor light
So I beg you just leave me behind one shelter I've called home

One touch at the „never sinned“
You give birth to your opposite
One touch at the „neversinned“
All the efforts and every cause
One touch at the „never sinned“
Are just lost and forsaken
Track Name: Deceptive Identity
The Mind.
Perceive it as a tool.

What you fear is the loss of self
And the maker's breath that feeds your role
(I see)
Yet the „me“ will cloud itself
And the taker's yell will scream „a fraud“
(I see)
So you paint the images left
But the painter's craft will not be bold
(I see)
For the shift that you suggest
Is a theft itself and a play well known
(Yes, I see)

Undress your learning
And take a treat into the unknown
Explore all the layers
Embrace all the frailty of thoughts
And take a walk among the fools
Who made all the tools
Who left all the cues
Who raised all disputes
And learned how to unfold reality
And catch a sight of all the players to come

Names will change
Doubts remain
And they're holding your loose ends
Names will change
Fear remains
And it's holding, it's holding

All walls closing in
Trains of the sleepless will ring
Identities searching their king
The masks that you're wearing to live
Reject them
To face them
Learning the sense of the yearning
Of minds that are turning
The fear of returning
To places that you purposely forget
That hold the core of all your pain
The truth of your name
The rules of the game
The means to the end
To learn how to unfold reality
And draw a line between salvation and want

Just know I am a deception
And yet you carry me
And yet you carry me no matter where
Track Name: The Name of the Butterfly
When you drift alongside the cliff
When you smile in spite of the wind
I see you and your mesmerizing wings

When you land to rest on your leaf
When you change directions to leave
I dream you coming with the spring

But you
Fly away, You fly away
These hands are not meant to catch you
Fly away, You fly away
Such beauty is not meant to love you

When your colors flare in the lea
When the flowers welcome your dream
I feel you and the morning that you bring

With the chaos as you still deflect
When the winter backs with respect
To hail you and the beauty that you sing

When you sweep depressions away
When you wake the trees to tell of the tale
Of glory and the patterns of your strings

I will breathe inside of your well
Where you drink the waters to share all the wealth
To my home where summer will begin

Name what you want
Don't leave this place
Take all you want
Don't leave this place

Where laughter still reigns
Where summer begins
Where no autumn will paint
Don't leave this place

Where your spirits will rest
Where all your mourning will end
Where affection will mend
Don't leave this place

But in the morning you're gone
You left this place

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